Prepare yourselves, the final battle progresses into dark territory.

7 months into this administration we are facing growing hostility which is seemingly spanning the globe. More people are waking up to the reality that we are all confined to this prison planet ruled by elite bloodlines. It has been their plan all along to herd us into a tiny enclosure while they rob us of our dignity along with our financial sovereignty. 

Since Trump has been elected, the so called “right” has been divided into a few groups. In general we have the Never Trump GOP / RINO group which is ultimately aligned with the so-called “democrats” or “liberals”. They wish to have full control over finances and arbitrary law which would control you from cradle to grave. They are looking to expand government well beyond what we are currently experiencing. We then have the patriot-libertarian-style group which can see the tentacles tightening their grip on society, these people strive for freedom and liberty for all, but they do not want this sense of liberty to transform into dictation of how they live their lives. We then have the group of conservatives that tend to lean closer to the traditional left/right paradigm of “my side is the best, your side sucks and if you don’t agree then you’re not really a Trump supporter”. Give me a break. This mentality, above all, must die out. 

The choice is absolutely not “Trump or nothing” “Trump is God” “Trump is the master of 4D chess”. Wake up! Whatever Trump is, whether he is a shill put in place by the global elite, or whether he is truly in defiance of these elite, we cannot give him the full control that so many are willing to hand over. 

This is our final chance to destroy the system that we have bowed down to for thousands of years. These people dictate history and present reality, and I am sick of being lied to every which way…aren’t you? They have told us what “history” is and what we can or cannot accomplish in the coming years…they tell us it is not possible to have environmentally friendly and free energy at the same time…no, they haven’t perfected the monetary system which surrounds it and they will only drip tiny droplets of the source to us as they deem appropriate. They force genetically modified foods down our throats and demand we stab our children with a growing number of aluminum laced vaccinations.

It is not a complete mystery as to how this happens, but I do wonder why it is that so many people are still blind to the blatant divide and conquer tactic that we are facing as a nation, as well as globally. Yes, distract us with infighting and shallow facades like trans-rights while you set up your plan to implement martial law and move us into the purely tyrannical system known as the New World Order. You disgusting creatures, we are watching you and our group is growing rapidly. You will not win, because darkness and evil never fully succeed. We (the awoken ones) will outsmart you and tear your towers down brick by brick with full satisfaction. You will be imprisoned for your crimes against humanity. 

It is time, people of the human race, to come together and destroy these non-human forces which believe they have us cornered. They don’t realize that there is a larger and far more powerful spiritual being looming behind them, ready to eviscerate their demonic presence. We have intelligence, empathy, love and God on our side and you will be sorry for the harm you have inflicted upon us for all these years.


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