And so the battle begins…

What the hell is going on in this world? People have gone completely out of their minds. It is so unfortunate, since the many that I am referring to are doing their best to be good people, yet they are utterly misinformed. Blatant denial of the reality we exist in is running rampant from Sweden to California. From China to New York.

I have never experienced such a long stretch of stress in my life. Not one that I can recall being this difficult to overcome. The good news is that this stress does not weaken me, it has given me a fresh perspective on life. I am ready to fight alongside the patriots of this great country to have a new sense of responsibility and self respect. 

We are currently in a new age state of war. This version of war is based on intelligence and information. It covers all topics from the ground up, quite literally. Amongst the far reaching list we are fighting against the various poisons from geo-engineering, genetic modifications, vaccinations, the educational system. We are here fighting for privacy, freedom of self, and it is the ultimate fight for light and spirituality. We are in a fight against the lowest vibrations of darkness that are doing what they can to engulf the Earth and all that resides within its atmosphere.

There is a sickness within so many that seems to be in the form of mental illness, but what could be the cause? Could it be years of hypnotic transmissions from entertainment sources and technological advances? Maybe with a mix of poisonous fumes from the chemtrails, all solidified within the educational system that we invest so much of our trust in? More importantly, what is the cure? Can the truth alone awaken the masses?

What is very impressive and terrifying all at the same time is how far across the world this disease has spread. I used to be a victim of this illness, but I believe that there was a part of my soul that would not fully accept it. Therefore it could not infiltrate my mind to the extent that it has with others. This all may seem egotistical, but it was just a few years ago that I was awoken to the sticky spiderweb that surrounds us. The one which contains all of the connections to this larger insight. I am forever thankful to have been introduced to my true humanly self. I had regained the ability to see clearly, and use my basic critical thinking skills to destroy the fog that was put in place to block my vision of reality. I can hear and see the manipulations that we are bombarded with on every front, from advertising to journalism, entertainment and fashion trends.

I find myself without need or want of group acceptance. It would be a satisfying feeling, but only for a short time. I am not afraid to speak my mind and have my voice be heard. There are so many of us out there, fighting for the light, fighting for truth and for the secrets of the universe.

We are seeking and will find these truths, they are surfacing rapidly and in due time the remainder of you will no longer be capable of ignoring them no matter how hard you try. This will be an ugly and devastating war, but it will be beneficial to the progression of our species. Those of us fighting the good fight will lose people we care deeply about, while simultaneously witnessing the disintegration of evil and the current powers that be will no longer have a hold on us. We will be free to join the new Earth in peace and prosperity for all. We will be able to take care of one another and work toward recreating and strengthening our cultures.

This is just the beginning. The war has barely begun, and some of us have been primed to assist others in finding their way and defending our god given right to grow, love and learn in all aspects.

Hang on tight, for we are moving into a new dimension.


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