Once Upon a Time, I was a liberal. (OP)

Ahh, yes, another coming out story. I once was blinded by the allure of the “peace seeking” liberals. No longer am I driven to bow down to the monsters they have revealed themselves to be. My saving grace was opting out of graduate school directly after receiving my bachelor’s degree. I figured working outside of the educational bubble for a few years would be a positive influence on my mental strength; my ability to transform my mind back to who I truly am – as opposed to following the herd. I’m proud of my ability to overcome the views and habits of the many. Now, more than ever I feel like a strong individual. One who can now accept the viewpoints of others without becoming overly invested emotionally. I have found my own voice.

I will start with admitting I voted for Obama, but as a young and hopeful soul, who wouldn’t? Oh private art school and their candy paved streets to the road of liberalism. But let’s face it, the many beautiful words that escaped his festering mouth had lured me in to a whirlwind of false promises, deconstruction of society and economic failure. It is absolutely not to say the “red” republicans are the winning choice – not one bit, so let’s not shimmy down that trail either. Red and Blue are the choices the higher authorities allow you to vote for. They showcase viable candidates who are simply turned into marionettes. Purchased by the banks and corporations, their personal ideals, morals, souls (etc.) are tossed out the window. I don’t believe we have had a truthful leader in my lifetime, just a bunch of dynastic rulers paving the way for corporate greed and mind control.

Take a look at this basic compilation of President Obama’s 2008 campaign vs. his 2012 election campaign. If you watch this video and at the end still feel proud of voting for this guy – well I’m not sure this site is for you. This video gives you a baby step of an insight into how (not well) planned and pre-written presidential campaigns are. I mean COME ON! If you brought a paper written in 4th grade to your 8th grade english class, you would be reprimanded – and definitely not given a passing grade for the basic grammar mistakes and poor sentence structure. So, why on Earth could this guy run on the same exact mumbo jumbo and get away with it? Quite literally, since he was “voted” in for a 2nd term. He couldn’t accomplish anything within his first four years, so he had to get us  citizens riled up to “try harder” for another four? Give me a break.

Do you HONESTLY believe that the President of this country gets to call the shots? Haha, sorry I don’t mean to laugh, that’s rude. Our economy has been driven so far into a black hole, clearly neither side has control or the ability to make strides in economical success. If you are unable to see through this sham of a government, I suggest you spend less time watching that junk news otherwise know as the main stream media….It’s basically the poisonous processed food of the vast world media outlet. If your brain is still in tact, the veil will be lifted quickly. It will take you a few minutes to turn your logical understanding switch to the on position, and I promise you will see the light. But you have to let go..of everything…let go of your government fed “knowledge”, your blinders are on and you don’t even realize it. Now, don’t get me wrong..I’m not trying to be rude and I’m definitely not angry. I want so badly for you to see what is happening around you with a fresh set of eyes. Stop being distracted by the non-issues, I want you to learn how to separate the garbage from the gold. I am still learning that myself, let’s do this together.

So, back to the topic of my past liberal experience. I can tell you the shift wasn’t easy, it felt shameful. I was embarrassed to have been a part of that cult. The things I have said out loud, the thoughts I had, it makes me shudder. To come to my senses and admit I was wrong – eek, being the stubborn person that I am – that wasn’t easy or satisfying. Today I couldn’t be more proud of my progress.

Moving forward, more recently I have come across story after story revealing the disgusting nature of these so called liberals , socialists, whatever word you choose doesn’t describe the horrendous nature of their slimy actions. Let me give you two incredible examples of why I want nothing to do with this political nuisance.


1– Tax payer funded sex changes for children in the state of Oregon.


2– The state of Washington grants birth control and abortion rights to children of ANY age without parental consent.


“Minors may receive an abortion and abortion related services at any age without the consent of a parent, guardian or the father of the child.”

“Minors may obtain or refuse birth control services at any age without the consent of a parent or guardian.”

Reference for quoted information:


I can tell you confidence that neither of these were ideas that derived from a true conservative mind. Defiling children..taking their childhood away – this is what our government system has turned into. Preying on innocence. It makes me ill. I was planning on typing more of my disgust regarding these two pieces of information I discovered this evening. If you can’t see what is wrong with the information in both of these articles and the supported documentation, then I quite honestly don’t know what to tell you. If you enjoy living in a world where the government owns your children, and you have no say in their upbringing and their personal choices under the age of 16…I can’t..I just can’t even begin to describe my dissapointment.

As always, thank you for reading and please come back for more in the future.  

Miss Candour



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