My personal view of the word “DEBUNKED”


one of the most heinous, insulting, uneducated descriptive words of the english language that has gained far too much popularity and stature. For some, it holds a solid weight in truth and reality. For others, it is a word that forces the toes to curl and the eyes to roll straight into the back of their head. I classify my personality with the latter of those black and white options.

This word has created a monster in people who are willing to follow the main stream media. It is for the type of person looking for a yes or no, for the ultimatum, for their own personal comfort bubble.

Sure, i understand it. Reading the word debunked, when it applies to a topic that pulls you outside of your comfort zone means that ultimately one can cease paying any more attention to a topic, as that topic is clearly old news ; Solved, case closed. If you do not agree with the “scientific debunking” of a topic, that automatically makes you a conspiracy theorist, a loopy brained nut-ball who clearly doesn’t see reality as the average of the population sees reality.

My understanding of the word “debunked” implies that the person using the word has read “evidence” from the party who is attempting to trump over all other evidence and nay-sayers. It implies that this person has only in fact paid attention to ONE single perspective of a story and has fused their self worth with this side. I say this, because once any outsider mentions evidence against whatever the topic may be…that’s when the emotions begin flying. That is when people become offended and small minded, because they think you are sticking a dagger into their heart ..well, because there is NO WAY on earth that one article they read on the topic could have fooled them.

No one wants to be screwed over, no one especially wants to admit that they have been screwed over. I’ve been in that place, i’ll admit that. But if you’re going to tell me a topic has been “debunked” you better have more than one reference & reference your references. Who bought out that persons opinion? or where was this person institutionalized? what do they have to gain from telling you this “debunked” information?

What makes me so frustrated about this word is that it brushes off any other views that are valid and deserve attention. It makes it easy for the general population to get back to their prime time tv & daily lives of enjoying the rat race.

Just do your research & listen to others if you would like to be taken seriously. read more than one article before you announce your claims.

I suppose in a strange way this is my version of debunking your debunked perspective.


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