The manipulative nature of “Tobacco Free CA” advertisements

Manipulating your minds with a “good cause”

Commercial advertisements never cease to amaze me. My significant other and I have been discussing this recent commercial brought to our attention by the Tobacco Free CA campaign. In the commercial, children who seem to be under or around the age of 10 are given a sizeable amount of tobacco products, more specifically the flavored type. You know the ones I mean, the tasty grape and strawberry flavored cigars. The kids are enjoying themselves by blindly interacting with the tobacco products, smelling each one and declaring which are their favorites, asking politely if they can bring them home. Now, hold on a damn minute…

First off: Since when are these products so readily available to children where they would confuse them with candy? Hm, well my guess would be if their parents happen to keep piles of them around the house, they may become convinced that it is a delicious treat…most likely until they open it up and take a bite. This could possibly deter them from ever wanting to touch the product again. But if i’m not mistaken, you can only find these specific products BEHIND the counter of drug stores, IN LOCKED CASES at grocery stores and also located in specialty stores licensed to sell tobacco products. I’m not sure what aisle you can walk down and find candy at a child’s eye level right next to the sweet smell of flavored tobacco. If you happen to find that, the establishment is definitely breaking a law and you should let someone know.

Second: this commercial asks who the tobacco companies are really marketing to?! Really? Apparently adults are not allowed to enjoy candy flavored things, so obviously the tobacco companies aren’t marketing to college age girly girls who like a flavored ciggy. Sure high school students would probably enjoy a fruity tobacco product, even if it is true they are not being supplied by the stores that carry the product. Then again, high schoolers find ways to get a hold of alcohol on a regular basis whether it’s fruity or tastes like watered down piss (not that I personally know what that tastes like). Most of my high school memories of smokers did not contain flavored cigars, most of the people I knew who smoked chose regular cigarettes. Not that my experience is the only one, I’m just not convinced that an average ten year old is out searching for a drag off a grape flavored cigar.

My point here is to unveil how twisted and manipulative these Tobacco free representatives are to hand small children all of these tobacco products. These young, easily persuadable pure minds. Of course kids like the smell of sweetly flavored items! Hello common sense, are you home? These disgusting people are taking advantage of these kids and introducing them to something they most likely wouldn’t have been introduced to for a significant amount of time. I also don’t condone an organization that defiles smokers. If you are old enough to smoke, then that is your personal decision. No one has to like it, but no one has the right to treat you like you’re a disgusting piece of humanity either. We supposedly live in the land of free choice and opinion, yet these campaigns act like you aren’t human if you decide to become a smoker. For your own health, smoking isn’t so great, but it’s no worse than spending your days in a tanning bed or eating processed and genetically modified food. We all have the choice to decide what poisons we put into our bodies. There is no guarantee you will or will not get cancer from smoking. I will tell you that my great grandmother who unfortunately outlived all of her children smoked every day probably since she was a teenager and lived into her 90s. Maybe it was something to do with the peanut butter and onion sandwiches she ate.

My opinion here is that it is truly up to the parents to inform their kids of the dangers of smoking. If your kid decides to smoke, do what you need within reason at that point, but I don’t think there is much you can do to prevent your kid from making decisions for themselves. Don’t we all remember being the teenager of the house? We knew what was better for us at the time, right?

You should take the time to look into the research being contucted on nicotine in current years, turns out it may be a benefit in staving off alzheimers, it can also help kids with ADHD. I’m talking about fairly low doses, but great benefits and less damage to the brain as opposed to the terrible pharmaceutical toxic cocktails they would otherwise feed you or your children.

Keep your eyes open for sneaky manipulative ads, they are everywhere. Learn about a topic on your own and decide what is best for you and your personal lifestyle, so long as you’re not causing harm to the people around you, it’s most likely all good.


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