And so the battle begins…

What the hell is going on in this world? People have gone completely out of their minds. It is so unfortunate, since the many that I am referring to are doing their best to be good people, yet they are utterly misinformed. Blatant denial of the reality we exist in is running rampant from Sweden […]

Once Upon a Time, I was a liberal. (OP)

Ahh, yes, another coming out story. I once was blinded by the allure of the “peace seeking” liberals. No longer am I driven to bow down to the monsters they have revealed themselves to be. My saving grace was opting out of graduate school directly after receiving my bachelor’s degree. I figured working outside of […]

My personal view of the word “DEBUNKED”

DEBUNKED! one of the most heinous, insulting, uneducated descriptive words of the english language that has gained far too much popularity and stature. For some, it holds a solid weight in truth and reality. For others, it is a word that forces the toes to curl and the eyes to roll straight into the back […]